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Manipulating Life Itself : SynBio Summer Camp


with Shaun Moshasha

Calendar Jul 16, 2018 at 9:30 am, runs for 2 weeks

Splice ​DNA ​together ​and ​create ​your ​own ​glowing ​bacteria! ​We ​are ​entering ​the ​era ​of biotechnology ​where ​designer ​organisms ​are ​being ​created ​to ​solve ​the ​world’s ​biggest problems ​like ​hunger, ​clean ​water, ​and ​pollution. ​Unfortunately, not ​everything ​always ​goes as ​planned….what ​happens ​when ​we ​must ​decide ​to ​wipe ​out ​an ​entire ​species ​to ​save ​our own? ​Dive ​into ​the ​world ​of ​synthetic ​biology ​by ​learning ​microbiology ​and ​genetic engineering techniques in the lab, as well as ​the ​ethics ​needed ​to ​make ​sure ​we ​use ​this ​technology ​for ​good ​and ​not evil!

Grades 8th-12th


The Human Cyborg : Summer Camp

Calendar Jul 9, 2018 at 9 am

You ​and ​me ​ain’t ​nothin’ ​but ​mammals, ​but ​what ​is ​a ​mammal ​than ​just ​a ​biological machine?! ​Make ​a ​working ​model ​of ​an ​arm ​and ​design ​your ​own ​circulatory ​system ​in ​this exploration ​of ​the ​Human ​Animal! ​But ​what ​pieces ​of ​us ​can ​be ​replaced ​by ​machine?! You’ll ​have ​so ​much ​fun ​that ​you ​won’t ​even ​realize ​you’re ​learning ​biology, ​anatomy, biomechanics ​and ​prosthetics, ​and ​the ​physics ​of ​the ​human ​body!

Grades 5-8 

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